Business Model

If You Think You Can Do It, You Can.


Our Business model reflects the conviction of the architects of Webtuning Technology that helping a customer to deliver business value . Webtuning Technology evolved on this business model, and today we have expanded our global capabilities to include Software Development, Web Designing, Web Development & Maintenance, E-Business Solutions, Search Engine Optimization / Internet Marketing, Data Processing Services. Our strategy is to focus on delivering value in IT sector through foray into newer futuristic domain, our innovative global solutions, and strategic alliances and intelligent investments in capabilities.

Onsite Delivery Model

Using the Onsite Delivery Model Webtuning Technology will provide their skilled personnel on the client's site who work in continuous interaction with the client's team for the entire project duration, ranging between the point of collecting information to its implementation as well as its maintenance and support. The only difference between the customer's normal working model and the onsite model is that the client's task is accomplished by a team of outsiders i.e. service providers working within the same premises as the other employees of the client.

Offshore Delivery Model

Webtuning Technology has their own offshore capabilities which allows us to integrate developments and configuration into your project at a more cost effective way. Offshore developments allow us to:

  • Reduced Costs: Advantage of low labor cost, which will be reflected in drastic reduction in the overall project costs.
  • Excellent Results: Clients can get high quality work from the quality offshore resources.
  • Access to the Most Optimal Resources: Client can have access to the best possible technology
  • Increased flexibility: Allow us to rapidly adjust the resource planning when needed in a project

Hybrid Model

Provides benefits of Onsite and Offshore Delivery model. The client can see both the worlds and avail the advantages of onsite resources and offshore support with highly skilled workforce with Webtuning Technology

  • Specialist professional work on the project
  • Win-win situation for both the parties
  • No chance of communication gap.
  • Strict budget and scope control

Hourly Rate Model

Hourly Rate Model is ideal for trial projects, on-time projects, and for projects whose goals and specifications are clearly defined and the possibility of deviation from the project is unlikely. This Model is commitment-free and flexible; client gets access to diverse expertise and different levels of resources – high-end, middle-level and lower-level – on demand, and pays only for the usage of the resources. This Model offers greater flexibility in resource change, and provides optimal cost benefits and scheduled deliverables. Hourly rates vary according to the services provided and are remunerated for on a monthly basis. The project is managed by our Project Manager. We ensure transparency in operations, which enables clients exercise greater control over the project.

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Time Fixed Budget delivery model is a on-cost model in which a fixed cost is assigned for a project based on its requirements. This Model is employed for projects that come with definite scope and requirements. Webtuning Technology expert team performs an in-depth multi-level analysis of client requirements to eliminate possibilities of alteration to project specifications during the course of the project. We implement and manage the project using our Project Manager. This delivery model gives client better fixed cost and time advantage as well as scheduled deliverables.


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About Webtuning

Webtuning Technology is the most promising and fast growing technology company with have proficient capability to deliver the solutions to the customers.

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